Project: Crosswalk

A petition for a safe crosswalk across Houston Avenue to Woodland Park.

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Do you have a personal story to share about difficulties crossing Houston Avenue to utilize Woodland Park? Please share it with us so it can be part of the record submitted to the City of Houston.
If the city provided SOME funds to make crossing Houston Avenue safer, would you consider donating some amount in an effort to match those city funds in order to complete the project?
May we, Friends of Woodland Park, keep you informed about the progress of this petition and the overall crosswalk project?
I fully support the construction of a safe crosswalk and/or control light so that our children and all pedestrians and cyclists can access Woodland Park from Houston Avenue. Traffic routinely greatly exceeds the speed limit on Houston Avenue and threatens the life of anyone seeking to cross to enter Woodland Park at Parkview Street. We also support a community match funding effort if such is needed to approve this request.