Firefly Field

from sculptor Dylan Conner
Friends of Woodland Park

Firefly Field from Friends of Woodland Park. Houston, Texas

Your donation will go towards landscaping around the Firefly Field project. Donations for recognition on the dedication plaque will close on Friday, August 24, 2018.


The Friends of Woodland Park are proud to announce that Dylan Conner’s remarkable sculpture, Firefly Field, has been fully installed in Woodland Park.

Friday, July 27, 2018 was a banner day for FWP and the park as everything came together when Dylan’s colleagues and a crew of experienced metal sculptors worked all day to install his inspirational sculpture. Lighting was completed as well so by evening the park was transformed into a native spectacle.

Since the installation we've received multiple requests for information about donation opportunities. Although the sculpture's are in place there's still quite a bit of landscaping to be done.

The Friends of Woodland Park welcome your donations to further enhance the native landscaping envisioned for this project and this park. Donations of $500 or more will be listed on the donor plaque which will be installed at Firefly Field. Your donation of any amount is encouraged and welcomed.

If you have any questions or need to get in touch with us please use our contact form here.

The Friends of Woodland Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Karla Cisneros, City Council District H
Houston Parks and Recreational Department
Woodland Heights Civic Association


Ballard Exploration Company, Inc.
The Lynch Family
Modern Bungalow Co LLC
Lucas Craftsmanship Inc.
Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital


The Pennebaker Family
The Roche Family
Becky Houston & Nat Smith
Beth & Steve Fischer
Jane & Steve Ista
June & Steve Barth
Glenda Owen & Kevin Dubose
Louise & John Moss
In honor of Frieda K. Conner
Sharon & Gus Kopriva
Laura & Tom Bacon
Margaret Read
Surge Homes
BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program
In Memory of Frieda K. Conner, William Conner

In Memory of Frieda K. Conner, Maurice Conner
Allison & Matt Hartzell
The Brock Family
The Yard Sharks
The Lensgraf Family
The Walters Family
Bart J. Truxillo
Boulevard Realty
Tomiko & Braxton
Carolyn Hippard
Taff & April Weinstein
First Imperial Mortgage
Brigette & Chris Larson


Jayne Porter/Pat Rutledge household
Yvonne Meyer
Marita Burns & Tommy Hallgren
Broemer & Associates
The McKee Family
The Parker Family
John Sargent Fischer
The Wylie Family
Pam & BJ Lowe
The Coleman-Merfish Family
The Greene Family
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The Lohse Family
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The Greer Family
Cheryl Mock
The Bar Method
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Thane and Nicole Wyman
The Eddins Zamzow Family


Kate B.
The Sternfels Family

Other Donors

On behalf of Pip Smith
In Memory of Elizabeth and Graf Houston
Ken & Debbie Keeling
Walter & Beth
Jeff Whitsett
Brittany Edmondson
Melvin Hulsey
Anne Goldsmith
The Weston Family
The Gabriel Family
Carter Ernst & Paul Kittelson
The Sparker Family
The Wilson Family
Joseph T. Siff
The Conner Family - Cecil & Debbie Dent
CJ Dugas
Arlie Alice Moore Eldridge & Frieda K. Conner
Kendall & Jensen Ried
Kim & Mark Kressenberg
The Ogden Family
The Laureles Family
Pam & Todd August
Mimi Swartz
On Behalf of Mitch Weikert
In Honor of Becky Houston & Nat Smith
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Catherine Heno
The Conners
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The Annello Family
The Ballard Family
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Killion's Milam Florists
The Glover Family
The Rathe Family
Susan Meyers
Daniel Rueda
The McLean-Wells Family
In Memory of Patrick Justin Smith
Alice Laguarta
The Vulkovic family: In Memory of Lilian Dos Reis Consolini
The Gutierrez on behalf of Antonio & Milano Gutierrez
Sasha Vaikhman & Peter Marmo
John & Jennifer Fischer
Deborah Schliesser
James & Paige Clarke
Rance & Cheryl Buss
Rachel & Travis Dubose
The Koepke Family
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Megan Mastal
Dr. Ouida Lenaine Westney
Elizabeth A. Traverse
The King Family
Peggy Sparks
The Fereday Family
Margaret Traverse
The Howard Family
Robert L. Todd
In Honor of Frieda K. Conner
Thomas and Anne Olson


Interested in volunteering? We'll need your help with the landscaping for Firefly Field in October/November.