In Praise of Weeds

From David Gaylord Chizum, Native Plant Society of Texas:

My mother, bless her departed soul, grew up on a farm in eastern Nebraska on the fertile bottomlands of the Missouri River. She had a belligerent attitude toward unwanted plants, in field, orchard or garden. Of course, all of the crops, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers on her family’s small farm were introduced from far-away lands; the only exception to that being raspberries. They all flourished in the rich black soil under abundant rainfall. Even after living in Texas most of her adult life, her midwest farmer’s attitude hadn’t changed much. So when I pointed out some colorful Texas natives blooming in her large, semi-rural yard near Temple, more than once she retorted, “Oh, David, those are just weeds!” Even though mother never cussed, she spit out that four-letter “w” word like barroom profanity.