The Next Major Improvement Scheduled for Woodland Park

The Friends of Woodland Park (FWP) are proud to announce that the scheduled repairs and improvements to the Park’s community building are set to begin on Monday, March 7, and are expected to be completed by May 7, 2016.

This work has been in the planning stages for at least a year and the funding for the costs (approximately $350,000) was completed in late December of last year. All of the funds were budgeted and provided by the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Zone/ TIRZ-5 and represent part of a large scale improvement and connectivity plan created with the cooperation of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD), the Houston Parks Board (HPB), TIRZ-5, and FWP.

The work on the community building will be staged in a manner that will allow the building to remain open to serve the community while the repairs and improvements are being made.

As with last year’s repair and resurfacing of the park’s tennis court, FWP was able to work with interested park constituents to raise and provide the funds needed for the planned improvements. We are extremely proud of the relationships we have developed in our Woodland Park revitalization efforts and with the success we have been able to achieve due to those partnerships. And, there is more to come! So stay tuned for future developments and announcements.