New Benches at Woodland Park

Hello Woodland Park volunteers, supporters, neighbors, and friends:

If you have been to the park recently you may have noticed four new concrete pads around the children’s playground. They are the foundations for four new park benches that will be installed in the coming weeks (by early November). November 15th update – the benches are now installed!

Thanks to a significant and generous donation from long-time Woodland Heights residents Brad and Mary Robbins and their family, the Friends of Woodland Park was able to secure these new additions/improvements to the park. Inspirational poems and quotations personally selected by the Robbins family will be etched on dedication plaques on each bench and installed at a later date. An announcement will be made when the plaques have been installed.

The benches will provide parents, grandparents, and guardians a shaded place to relax and watch their children enjoy the playground equipment. The benches will act as a protective buffer in the event that children wander toward Parkview St.

As with all our park improvement projects we owe a great deal of heartfelt appreciation for the assistance and support of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HAPRD) in the approval of this project. We also owe our thanks to the Houston Parks Board (HPB) for all its efforts in coordinating, scheduling, and overseeing the project’s construction and installation. The Friends of Woodland Park value our strong bond with HPARD and HPB and gratefully recognize their support of our park improvement efforts.

We hope that all park visitors will enjoy the new benches that were made possible by the generosity of the Robbins family.