Rewilding Houston

A great column by Kevin Sloan, Houston Chronicle:

Houston may be the perfect city to lead an environmental revolution in America.

Rewilding is an approach to environmental design that is sweeping the world. For more than 10 years, Rewilding Europe has been a continental program to heighten biodiversity. REWILD Britain is a national campaign that is led by a director for rewilding who reports to the prime minister. In 2013, the Republic of Ireland began an initiative to rewild their national rivers, and Dublin announced last March plans to rewild Phoenix Park, founded in 1785 and still the largest urban park in Europe.

At its core, rewilding is an attempt to establish equilibrium between human activity, the needs of animal species, and habitat. Rewilding is not only a new method for continental landscapes. It can apply to small urban spaces, a weekend landscape project for a yard, or virtually any landscape.

And yet America is falling behind.